Two-age Sojourner

By Oath Consigned

March 30, 2020

*The author that I mentioned during the episode is Duane A. Garrett. You can find the article in: "Believer's Baptism" (Nac Studies in Bible & Theology). Edited by THOMAS R. SCHREINER & SHAWN D. WRIGHT. (Kindle Location 24). B&H Publishing Group. 


Two-age Sojourner is hosted by is Michael Beck, the pastor of Gracenet Community Church, Wellington, New Zealand. Each week (well, most weeks) Mike is joined on his pilgrimage by three co-hosts.

Dr. Chris Caughey lives in Grass Valley, California. He is the host of the Glory-Cloud Podcast and author of A Tale of Two Adams.

Music on this podcast was written by Jeremy Casella and performed by Indelible Grace. You can listen to more from Indelible Grace and Jeremy Casella by searching on Spotify or Apple Music."

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